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How do I edit the name or description of a media item?

When you are on a LightJar page that shows the thumbnail images of your media items, such as the My Media tab or a Collection's page, click in the center of any thumbnail image.   This opens up the media item on its own page.  If you do not see the EDIT button, scroll down until it appears.  Click the EDIT button, and you are able to edit the information associated with the media file.  You can edit the media item's title, place, date, and associated collections in the entry fields above the media item, and add a description in the box below the item.  Click SAVE to save your changes.  Later, when you are looking for a particular item, you can enter words or numbers in the search box at top of LightJar, and LightJar will search the media items' database to find corresponding items matching the entry in the Search box. 

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