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Why is my LightJar not working?

Occasionally, the LightJar web app may exhibit inconsistencies in performance, or not work at all.  Many times, the cause is your device's own web browser.   LightJar works best on the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE browsers with access to a good Internet connection.   The LightJar application and your media content are both residing in the AWS Cloud.  If access to the Internet is less than ideal, then the LightJar application's performance will be less than ideal.  Slow response times between your device's browser and our servers in the Cloud can cause time-outs, resulting in the need to refresh your browser, or possibly restart LightJar.   Logging out and logging back into LightJar from your device does NOT hurt your content already stored in the Cloud.  And if in the middle of an upload or download, the process will resume once you log back into the application.

Before giving up and turning off LightJar when something is not working correctly with LightJar, we recommend four (4) actions:
  1. Refresh your browser - then see if this helps the issue
  2. Log out of LightJar, and then log back into LightJar - then see if this clears the issue
  3. Is there another way to go about achieving what you need done within LightJar
  4. Click Help and enter your issue, being as detailed as possible.   We need to know what is happening in order to fix the issue and help you.
Sometimes a video may not play within the LightJar application, but instead require downloading the video to your laptop or tablet.   Again, if the browser cannot play MOV files, for example, it is not because LightJar is broken, but because the video file is not compatible with your device's browser.   If you were to download the video content to your computer, you would be able to open and play the video with other video play software programs installed on your computer.

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