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Assigning a thumbnail to represent your Collection

Within LightJar there is a thumbnail image created for each media item and Collection in your LightJar account.  The thumbnail image, representing its corresponding media item or collection, can be seen on the My Media page, in the page showing the items that make up a Collection, and on the View My Collections page (where each collection is represented by a thumbnail image).   To assign the thumbnail representing each collection, choose the desired thumbnail from one of the collection's images and assign this item the earliest date for all items in the Collection.   For example, if you have 20 items from a June 2001 High School Graduation collection, look at each thumbnail in this collection, find the thumbnail that you want to represent the collection, and then edit that thumbnail's media item to give it a date of 05/01/2001, thereby giving it the earliest due date of all items in that collection, and its thumbnail then represents the Collection.

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