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  1. Assigning a thumbnail to represent your Collection

  2. Can I be logged into LightJar from multiple devices at the same time?

  3. Can I use my Smart HDTV to view my videos and photos stored in LightJar?

  4. Cannot select a Collection if not on Page 1 of My Media

  5. Completed & Active Features from Subscriber Suggestions

  6. Create Secret Question and Answer

  7. Does LightJar have a mobile app?

  8. Emailing Collections as holiday gifts

  9. Expiration Date for Shared items and collections

  10. How can I see more than 12 items per page?

  11. How can I tell if my files are archived?

  12. How can I upload multiple files at once from SmartPhones?

  13. How can LightJar help me organize my Saved Media?

  14. How do I add files to a collection?

  15. How do I cancel my account?

  16. How do I change my password?

  17. How do I delete a Collection?

  18. How do I delete a file?

  19. How do I delete several files at once?

  20. How do I download a file?

  21. How do I download several files at once?

  22. How do I edit the name or description of a media item?

  23. How do I edit the title and description of a Collection

  24. How do I play my video files within LightJar?

  25. How do I return to the TOP of the page?

  26. How do I share a collection of media items?

  27. How do I share a video or photo?

  28. How do I upload files into LightJar?

  29. How do I upload videos and photos to LightJar from my iPhone or iPad?

  30. How long does it take to restore an archived file?

  31. How secure is my information and content

  32. How to Create a new Collection and add items to it.

  33. How to find a Collection

  34. How to find a saved item

  35. How to find the size of a LightJar file?

  36. How to Play LightJar videos on iPad and iPhone

  37. How to save a shared item

  38. I shared a collection with someone, how do they download the collection?

  39. I shared a media item with someone, how do they look at it?

  40. If LightJar goes out of business, what happens to my content?

  41. Lag time in receiving files from other LightJar subscribers

  42. Long time before all thumbnail images appear in shared collections

  43. MP3 Files do not play in iPhone Safari browser

  44. Open Items

  45. Recipients of Shared File(s) cannot download in FF and IE Browsers

  46. Subscriber Suggestions in Development

  47. Time Stamps

  48. User's Guide for LightJar(pdf)

  49. Video Introduction to Using LightJar

  50. What causes the message "No Items to Display"?

  51. What does Show All do?

  52. What does the Share tab show?

  53. What happens to my content when I cancel my LightJar subscription?

  54. What is the current timeout/logout set at for inactivity?

  55. What is the Message Center for?

  56. When are my files archived?

  57. Where can I find a list of my Collections?

  58. Who do I call or write if I have problems using LightJar?

  59. Why can't I share an Item or Collection

  60. Why do some files have no preview picture?

  61. Why is my LightJar not working?

  62. Will LightJar work with Vista and XP Operating Systems

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