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How do I download several files at once?

Currently, downloading files from LightJar's My Media page or Collection page is limited to one file at a time.  Similarly, the recipient of a shared collection can only download one item at a time.  

The ability to download multiple LightJar media items with one click has been requested from several users, and this feature is under development.  Sometime in Q4 2015, we will give subscribers the ability to zip up LightJar collections that are up to 100MB in size (and no larger), in order to share these collections with others, and give recipients the ability to download a collection of multiple items with one click.  100MB is the equivalent of up to seventy-five (75) images or fifty (50) 20-second long videos.

In the meantime, a way around this limitation for when you wish to share multiple items quickly, is to use WinZip (or other similar programs) to coalesce multiple files into one zipped file, and then upload the zipped file to LightJar for preservation or sharing of multiple files.  LightJar will handle the zipped file as one data file and readily move it as directed.  The recipient of a shared zipped file will need to be able to read and open up this file, in order to see the multiple files contained within.

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