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I shared a media item with someone, how do they look at it?

When you share a media item via an email message that includes a link to your file(s); there are two different ways the intended recipient can receive or view your files.    There are two (2) types of recipients - those that are NOT LightJar subscribers and those that are LightJar subscribers.   

If the email address of the recipient is not a LightJar subscriber, the recipient receives an email from you, that includes your message to them and a link to your media item.  The recipient should click the link and a thumbnail image of the media item is displayed.  If a video or audio file has been shared, then both a Play button and a Download link are present in the thumbnail image.  Photo images only have a download link in their thumbnail image.  Clicking the play button allows the recipient to play the media file within their browser, while clicking the download link begins the deposit process to place the media item in the recipient's download folder on their computer, tablet or Android smartphone.   Choices vary by browser and device.  Desktops, laptops, Windows tablets, Android phones and tablets, and Chrome tablets allow the recipient to do both - either play or download the media files.   iPhones and iPads are only able to play, but not download, the shared media item.  

Note - a recipient using the Firefox browser needs to double-click on the download link to begin the download process.

If the recipient's email address is another LightJar user, then the recipient receives an email informing them that you are wanting to share a file with them.   They need to log into their LightJar account, go to the message center, located underneath their user name in the upper right corner of the screen.   Once in the Message center, they will see a share-invite from you, and they will need to accept your invitation in order to receive the media file from you.   LightJar does not give subscribers the ability to place media files in other users' account without the other users first accepting the files.

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